Practice Areas


Practice Areas


 Şengüler & Şengüler is recognised as a leading Turkish law firm which this year celebrated 12 years in business.

Jonathan W. Blythe and Selçuk Şengüler were the firm’s founding partners and they brought a unique blend of international and local experience. Following the sad loss of Selçuk Şengüler the firm now has four partners; Jonathan W. Blythe, Gül Şengüler, Barış Can Polat and Sevim Nihan Yiğit.

The firm was originally known for its strong energy, M&A and corporate law practices. This scope has now expanded so that the firm provides general legal support to manly foreign investors across a number of sectors. The firm has also developed a good track record in litigation. Typical clients are multinational, some well established locally, some acquiring Turkish businesses, with others setting up JVs or new entities. However, we also service an increasing number of Turkish clients seeking to invest abroad.

It is the firm’s aim to provide effective commercially orientated legal solutions. We seek to understand the client’s business. Services cover a range of sectors and clients include many blue-chip multinationals, financial institutions and public companies.

The firm has a small office in Ankara, Turkey’s capital, which serves the needs of clients who require to deal with Central Government and the public sector.

Şengüler & Şengüler provides legal services in both English and Turkish advising clients across a broad spectrum of industries including oil and gas, tourism and leisure, telecommunications, construction, airlines, information technology and on all aspects of commercial law including the following:

Corporate & Mergers and Acquisitions

Energy & Mining & Finance Projects

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Employment & HR consulting


Competition & Anti-Trust

Banking and Finance

Bankruptcy and Enforcement Law

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution advice and counsel

Debt Collection and Execution Procedures