As the market has adapted in recent years the firm’s litigation load has increased dramatically. The firm now handles over 600 cases on a variety of matters. Gul Senguler leads the litigation work and is assisted in leadership by Yasemin Akdeniz and Elife Kobaner.

One area of specialisation in the litigation space is handling bulk employment law cases which we run for multinational security service companies. We do not just run the cases but audit the cases to gather data to enable process improvements. We provide training to HR and key managers to help reduce the risk of litigation. In addition we provide detailed reporting for local and global consumption.

The litigation team also has the resources of Coşkun Şengüler, a retired appeal court judge who was also Head Counsel for one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates for 17 years.

The firm also has very strong alternative dispute resolution capabilities. We run a number of arbitration cases as counsel and are involved in mediation on a very regular basis. Additionally, Jonathan W Blythe, regularly sits as an arbitrator in ICC cases and is able to operate both in Turkish and English. He has handled cases governed by English and Turkish law for a wide variety of disputes.

The firm also is co-counsel in an investor state dispute under the ICSID rules and has a strong team which supports all aspects of the dispute process.