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Property and Real Estate

The firm continues to act for clients in both the purchase and sale of property but also supporting those need to manage their legal relationships in relations to commercial leases

Clients in the property sector have included royalty from the Middle East, private and corporate clients all investors in real estate in Istanbul and further afield. The Turkish system of property ownership is managed via local title registry offices and most transactions take place at these offices. There is no system of solicitors buying and selling on behalf of clients as would be expected in the UK. Nevertheless, the firm’s property team can check the title deed, encumbrance and local authority planning status of any prospective property and handle the transaction on behalf of the client via the relevant powers of attorney.

With respect to lease agreements, we are continually advising our commercial clients on their new or renewing lease arrangements. We are often involved in the drafting and negotiation of the agreements.

We also have a number of property disputes which we are running for clients either related to least payments or the title issues. In particular Gul Senguler and Coskun Senguler have a great track record in assisting with these often-complex cases. Our level of success excellent and we are pleased to say that our record of winning cases for clients is very good.