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Employment Law and HR Advice

Over the past 10 years the firm has developed its expertise in labour law advice, employment litigation management and Collective Bargaining Aagreements(CBA) union negotiations. 

We have been engaged in a number of projects where we took over a bulk employment law cases (100+) on behalf of major foreign investors in Turkey. We analysed the cases and developed sophisticated systems of case management with a view to reducing case numbers and preventing future claims.

By auditing the cases on an “as calling in court” basis, we were able to identify weaknesses in the HR processes. We then build up statical records of failures within the existing HR system, which had led to cases arising and being lost. Noting these failures and other poor management decisions, we were able to give feedback to clients suggesting changes in HR procedures which would prevent future potential claims. 

We also provide day-to-day labour law support for a number of blue-chip company employers and their HR departments. This means constant interaction with these teams which enables us to ensure they handle hiring and firing in a manner which protects the company from risk.

Finally we have developed a track record of assisting employers in their Union relationships and been involved in negotiation favourable CBA for those employers who have to face unionisation issues.