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Evironmental Law and Responsibility

In this world of increasing climate-change, we are pleased to be able to make a contribution to ensuring that we are working responsibly and being conscious of making proper use of our resources.

In this context we are please to support a number of clients in the renewable sector and to be working with clients in some recycling and environmentally friendly projects.

As a firm we have gone to a hybrid working model so that our team are commuting less and thus contributing less to in-city pollution. We rotate team members and ensure they come twice a week to the office. In the office we have recently renovated and installed a number of energy saving appliances to reduce our carbon footprint. We also encourage our team to walk and take public transport as opposed to private vehicles and ensure that we are avoiding paper copies and recycling as efficiently as we can.

Another effort is to ensure we can meet clients and others online rather than travelling to meetings as frequently as previously. Online collaboration is also a part of our effort to try and reduce our carbon footprint.

We are excited to be involved in assisting a multinational client with a new recycling project which will ensure that as much of 80% of materials will be recycled from their manufacturing process and we are working with the local environmental ministry and advisers to ensure that the client gets the maximum benefit available it this project.

Jonathan Blythe and Nihan Yigit head the team which handles our environmental work.

In terms of our responsibility to the community we have a number of clients whom we act for on a Pro-Bono basis to ensure we are giving back and acting responsibly. We act for some schools and foundations to assist them with legal advice but either charge no fee or take a nominal fee.