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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

CLIENT: Stephen Hopkins, Head of Global Client Development
COMPANY/FIRM: Eversheds Sutherland LLP
TESTIMONIAL: We have been working with Senguler for more than 5 years. Their responsiveness and commercial approach we find unmatched in Turkey. We have sent a very significant number of clients to the firm and the satisfaction levels with the quality of service are very high. One example is G4S who have a large number of employees in Turkey. With the support of Eversheds, Senguler has used data from the portfolio of cases to reduce the number of new cases and reduce the clients spend on employment work. I suspect you will find that unique in Turkey.



CLIENT: James Neal   – Senior Legal Director
COMPANY/FIRM: Soho House & Co
TESTIMONIAL: Senguler have for some time been our go-to law firm in Turkey. We have always found Senguler very responsive, sensitive to the needs our business, and able to translate complex issues in a straightforward way.



CLIENT: Chris Johnson – Senior Group Counsel
COMPANY/FIRM: Avery Dennison
TESTIMONIAL: The lawyers at Senguler consistently provide timely, practical, and specific advice that I often pass along directly to my internal clients. They understand our business so well that they are like an extension of our in-house team. Indeed, I have no concerns letting them talk to our local business team directly when needed. Additionally, they often propose innovative solutions to complex issues and problems in a variety of matter types, though my primary work with them has been on employment matters. I consider the firm’s lawyers to be valuable business partners in Turkey, and they are my and my team’s “go to” firm in Turkey.



CLIENT: Amy Lucy Ashman Sr. Director of Legal Services, Europe
COMPANY/FIRM: Mission Foods, Azteca Milling, Gruma International Foods
TESTIMONIAL: Sengular has been a trusted legal partner of Gruma for many years.  They are a very friendly firm and the lawyers have an excellent grasp of English which provides for clear communication.  There is a high level of competency across the board, and Sengular are able to give excellent legal advice on a broad range of areas and in a very timely manner.   They provide safe and practical guidance in what is sometimes a complicated territory in which to do business.  In addition, they are a pleasure to work with –  highly recommended.



CLIENT: Christian Murad
COMPANY/FIRM: Kellogg Company Turkey
TESTIMONIAL: *Nihan Yigit is a great advisor to collaborate with; she provides excellent and timely advice. Truly knowledgeable and practical for employment advice. I have found the team to have a strong grasp of the practical issues as well as the law and are especially responsive, working across time zones, on projects and ad hoc advice alike.

Commercial, corporate and M&A

‘Great responsiveness and quality on due diligence.’

‘Nihan Yigit is an excellent partner providing deep and concise legal advice.’

‘Şengüler are a fantastic gateway for US/West European clients into Turkey. They are very adept at providing commercial, pragmatic advice and joining larger client relationships.’

‘Jonathan Blythe has been our point of contact for years, and is super responsive and accountable.’

‘They have excellent local knowledge of the workings of television production and associated tax credits and governmental requirements.’

‘Jonathan Blythe and his team were very responsive and had great knowledge and expertise over the local Turkish standards and enforceability of our international production services agreement for a local Turkish television production. They were always quick to respond and were helpful in navigating not only legal and
business/finance standards and requirements for local tax credits, but also for cultural nuances and sensitivities.’

‘The team, around 3-4 individuals, worked seamlessly to make sure the clients timeline and expectations could always be met.’
‘They were all efficient, particularly Nihan Yigit, with regards to M&A and Turkish law experience.’

‘The team at Sengüler & Sengüler have provided excellent local advice in relation to a recent M&A transaction that we have been undertaking in Turkey. The advice has been succinct, clearly presented and commercial,
and it has always been provided in a timely manner.’

‘Şengüler is always ready to go the extra mile when providing their services, help in any case, being
proactive checking details if they do not possess information yet, open for discussion, feedback and eager
to always improve.’

‘It is a collaborative firm that is able to meet our sometimes-urgent deadlines and provide advice on a whole range of questions. They are a pleasure to work with and provide great, practical advice. We have been using this firm for many years and they are able to provide timely advice and go that extra mile to provide assistance. We recently instructed them on multiple matters, which needed to be completed within very strict timelines which they were able to accommodate.’

It is positively noticeable that the team has many female contact persons and is easily accessible at all times. Answers are always given immediately and always very pragmatic, practical and right to the point. The firm is a frequent participant in large-scale surveys for our clients and stands out for its precise and very clear advice, which is always given exactly within the given timeline and budget. It is a pleasure to work with Şengüler.’

‘It is a particular pleasure to work with Ceren Sancakli and Nihan Yigit. Ceren, in particular, gives invariably well-understood and practical advice. She is remarkably cooperative, reliable, professional and friendly.’


Dispute Resolution

‘Practical knowledge of the local legal system and the best way to navigate it.’
‘Knowledge of the aviation industry, on-time follow up and feedback on recommended

‘Mr. Alp Goktug Kalmaz is handling our case in a highly professional manner.’

‘The partners and the lawyers are extremely professional, caring and knowledgeable attorneys. During the legal proceedings, they demonstrated the breadth of their legal expertise and knowledge in a particularly complex case.’

‘They showed their best at all times. Our needs were put first and we were treated as a friend rather than a
client, our opinions were valued and our doubts were always reassured. They were responsive and quick to take appropriate action, they were available on a daily basis and responded directly to our questions promptly, professionally and provided us very good guidance. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of Şengüler.’

‘The team is very complementary and through their different expertise they find solutions. They really dig into the subject, and you feel as a client that they really care.’

‘Each individual works in full cooperation within the company. As a client, you feel a real collaboration. They don’t hesitate to spend time (and do not invoice for each minute).’

‘The team in Şengüler is a good one with a proactive approach and strong communication skills. They provide regular updates at a satisfactory level. They make the extra effort to collect any additional info available from their partners and customers in the airline industry to equip themselves better. They are positive and solution-oriented.’

‘Cooperating with associate Yasemin Akdeniz has a been a pleasure due to her professional approach, timely responses, detailed updates and attentiveness to transparency. She takes the time to explain legal terms and conditions for her clients so that there is a better understanding and higher level of confidence.’

‘Şengüler’s team is very experienced in international arbitration and Turkish law matters. We came across some very technical and complex legal issues under Turkish law in international arbitration and the firm dealt with these issues seamlessly.’

‘The firm has a very reasonable billing structure and you feel like you get value for money. They are very good at what they do and are very knowledgeable on local complexities.’

‘Both Jonathan Blythe and Yasemin Akdeniz have been very professional in their dealings with us. They are always available to give updates and/or clarifications when required to do so.’

‘Good commercial knowledge of the airline – travel sector; experience in working with international companies.’

‘This is a first-rate dispute resolution practice. The firm is currently instructed in a very substantial investor-state arbitration at ICSID.’

‘The firm is very reliable and responsive.’

‘Jonathan Blythe and Gül Şengüler are standout partners. Jonathan is one of the leading international arbitration practitioners in Turkey and a terrific leader of teams in complex disputes.’

‘Şengüler has the advantage of Turkish language skills and legal qualifications but also a native English speaker in Jonathan Blythe. This allows them to provide seamless legal services on international matters.’

‘Jonathan Blythe has the distinction of fluency in both English and Turkish, and he is excellent at translating the needs of international firms to his colleagues on the one hand and providing excellent work product to his international partners on the other.’

‘The team is helpful in that they write and speak English fluently. This is useful in the context of their cross-border practice. From a billing perspective, they are happy to agree competitive fixed fees for conducting litigation which is attractive.’

‘I have worked mostly with Tuğba Yüksel. She is excellent in her response times, as well as explaining Turkish legal issues in a clear and concise way. She is proactive in the handling of cases. The partners seem to have little involvement but remain in copy for all emails.’


‘Sengüler provides us with a full-fledged team covering our needs 24/7.’

‘We have used multiple firms in Turkey and have consistently found Şengüler
to be superior to others in terms of their responsiveness, their commercial acumen, their consistency and
quality of advice, and most importantly their ability to react.’

‘Collaborating with others allows you to share knowledge and expertise, ask questions
and debate best practice. Key benefits of collaboration include reducing time waste
and a high cost for clients. We appreciate the professionalism and collaboration of this legal firm.’

‘During our project, the team was very helpful responding all our requests. Based on their high level of knowledge, the team responded swiftly which was very much appreciated.’

‘Şengüler’s standout attribute is their ability to address complex legal issues
in a clear and succinct way, in English, making their services accessible to an international audience. Consequently, nothing is ever lost in translation.’

‘The team consists of highly knowledgeable and experienced individuals providing detailed, yet professional
service and know-how. Each individual has experiences in different areas which helps to get the best guidance and advice possible.’

‘As a foreign company with an office in Turkey, we have found Şengüler to be incredibly responsive and very
helpful/practical in providing counsel on challenges we have in the Turkish market.’

‘Experienced team with international expertise, and deep employment experience. Keenness to reach an agreement for clients and go beyond the obvious. Good people.’
‘Honesty, integrity, and trustworthiness. Jonathan Blythe and Alp Kalmaz are recommended.’
‘The team demonstrated an outstanding spirit of collaboration always being on time, with the requested feedback supporting in an excellent way our transnational projects, always granting the highest level of professionalism requested by top clients.’

‘The individuals I worked with demonstrated outstanding technical preparation in labour and employment law, an excellent spirit of collaboration also respecting very strict deadlines.’

‘The team at Şengüler have been very responsive, practical and clear on costs in a complex matter involving employment issues and liquidation. I would recommend them with no hesitation.’

Alp Kalmaz who has been our lead contact and is excellent. Jonathan Blythe also helps manage the overall relationship and marvellous at connecting you with the right people in the firm.’